Methods Of Escaping A Physical Confrontation

Escape through violence is a last resort and should only be used if all of the following have been considered and deemed unfeasible. You should really only fight to save yourself (or a loved one) from great bodily harm or death. Always run (or swim, hide etc) if you can and you think you can outrun your opponents but you must also bare in mind that if you run and your opponent catches you, you may not have enough energy to fight. In most situations you will have the opportunity to escape, and you should take it.

One of the best ways to get yourself out of a fight is to talk your way out of it and it is the first thing you should try to do. Learning to communicate and how to get along with other people are very big subjects and very important ones, and knowing how to effectively communicate will not only help you in escape but will help you in all areas of life. You should take the time to study the arts of negotiation and effective communication.

Running should be part of your training schedule. Train to be able to run for speed as well as long distance. Effective running techniques can be learnt and should be incorporated while training. Also, teach your children and weaker loved ones that they should run for help if you are confronted.

Hiding from an assailant is often preferred to running, as it uses little energy. When hiding, consider shadows, safety of the spot, an escape route if found, how bright your clothing is etc.

Cast shadow is the type we are most familiar with and is the silhouette of an object projected against its background
Contained shadows are the dark pool of shadow formed in permanently shaded areas
You want to hide in contained shadow if possible

Other tips for when hiding include
Getting a weapon to hide with in case you’re discovered
Go for public places. Often the best hiding spot is in a crowd,also, if found, you are less likely to be attacked when ‘witnesses’ are around.
Unnecessary movement should be avoided as movement will always attract attention against a stationary background
Slow regular movement is usually less obvious than fast or erratic movement
People seldom look up so climbing may be an option. Just be aware that if he looks up you may not be able to online escape room
From a distance, pressing up against an object will make you seem part of it
The best place to hide inside a room is the nearest corner behind the door as it also gives best positioning for escape.

Swimming, like running should be practiced regularly for speed and distance. Teach your kids to swim at an early age.

Crash Method
The crash method is what you use if you need to go through things such as doors, windows etc
Locked doors which open away from you may be forced open
If kicking it, direct the force of the blows as close to the latch as possible
If using your shoulder, get a running start and apply the force as near to the center of the door as possible
When using your shoulder, aiming for the center works because you have greater surface area, if you tried to kick it in the middle you may just get your foot stuck
If jumping through a window
Roll forward to avoid injury
If diving through glass, cross both arms over the head to protect the face
Extend arms once clear of the glass
You must clear the window sill
Never dive through large plate glass windows or doors, smash them first with an object

Jumping Fences
Ideally, before you jump a fence you should know what is on the other side
You probably don’t want to jump it if what is on the other side is more dangerous than what is on the side in which you’re already, or if the drop off the other side is too steep in which for you to hit the ground safely
When jumping the fence/wall
First grab the top of it, making sure there is nothing there to harm you
Next, pull yourself up so that your hips are at the same height as your hands
Whilst in this position, look over to ensure that there is no major danger over the other side
Now rest your abdomen on the edge of the fence, and tuck your feet up to your buttocks
Place one of your arms along the edge of the fence to help stabilize your self as you lower the rest of your body down
Make your landing as soft as you can
Roll when you hit the ground

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