Frauds in the Metaphysical Field Part 2

Another indication of the metaphysical fraud concerns the matter of apparel. Psychic cheaters normally wear robes and turbans and other fancy costumes to give the impression to people and their prospective clients that they are different, sacred or holy in some way. The moment we meet such psychics our gullible subconscious minds are influenced negatively unless we take the appropriate measures of protection among which is to rationalize the situation and to see through their deception. Let it be known that true modern saints or genuine metaphysicians, in general, do not wear apparel any different from the norm. They dress the way ordinary human beings dress taking into account environmental factors and culture. One of the most important principle to keep in mind is that true metaphysicians or saints would never direct attention to themselves. Their words, mannerism, and behavior are free from the taints of the false ego.

It is important to realize that most psychics, whether fraudulent or genuine, when given the chance will play upon the fears and worries of clients. They would strengthen a client’s belief that all that they fear are true and more besides, and that the only way out of their dilemma or problem is to apply the directions of the paranormal which usually involves emptying the purse. Often they would declare how negative you are or how you are so filled with negative energies and that with their “great powers” they would purify you and help you succeed in overcoming all that is counterproductive to your welfare–but with a certain reward, of course. At times they will say that you will have a potential problem in a certain bodily organ and to prevent it from manifesting they will balance the situation for you–for a fee. Although the detection of an unbalanced situation in one’s bio-energy field is a possibility, many so-called psychics dupe the public as to their ability to do this. They only cause unnecessary concern over dangers that do not exist.

Beware of those psychics that advertise the “testimonies” of their “clients,” (normally celebrities) to support their claims of power, talent or the effectiveness of their services and products. These statements often appear in print in the mass media and are mostly unwarranted.

You will also find many psychic frauds on the Internet. When requesting a psychic reading, psychics in the Net will send you a stereotype profile reading that would apply to any Tom, Dick or Harry. If one would reason it out one would come to realize that it would be impossible for any human being to cater or to devote their undivided attention to hundreds of persons requesting a psychic reading in a single day. The only resort left for these psychics is to present something applicable but spiritually meaningless to all. The daily or weekly horoscopes to be found in magazines are of these sort as well. Psychic frauds or those who are under the influence of self-deception often make bombastic claims in their advertisements but offer very little of soul-worth. Here we do not comment on the reality of psychicism, of magical forces, of subtle energies. We know that they do exist and are real to those who are able to perceive them; basically, what we are opposed to are psychics and frauds taking advantage of the ignorance of their fellow men.

Paranormals and low-caliber metaphysicians have the tendency in making their clients overly dependent upon them, their services and their products. Even spiritual teachers fall into this trap. They allow their disciples to lean too much upon them. The Master Jesus once said to his disciples that he had to leave them at a certain time, for if not, the “comforter” would not come. He meant by this that if he did not leave them, and that if his disciples depended too much upon him for their spiritual sustenance, they would not spiritually mature and that they would not acquire a higher awareness and understanding through personal effort and experience. True metaphysicians teach one not to be overly-dependent upon anything artificial and external for one’s well-being. It is wholly vital that we resort to an internal resource or be dependent upon our inner Source, our true Self–the part of God within us for our spiritual nourishment.

The object of metaphysical service is to facilitate the spiritual growth of humanity. This principle is constantly being violated, however. Unaware of spiritual values and purposes, psychics simply deliver goods that in the long run stall the evolution of man. Their services do not promote spiritual unfoldment or the manifestation of the Christ Consciousness. In this they are no different from those who implement the practices of hedonism and materialism. For instance, one of the paranormal practices is the insertion of implants to manifest charisma, charm, power, fascination, etc. Indonesian psychics call these implants, “susuk.” It is not too often realized that the power of these implants are temporary in nature notwithstanding the statements of some psychics as to the contrary. Energy by its very nature is in a constant state of flux and may be modified, changed, or transmuted. All organisms are constantly radiating energy and this influences whatever it comes into contact with, so an implant imbued with a certain force may unwittingly be transmuted or neutralized by the person who has it inserted into him. Now even-though such implants may contain and radiate power, the persons given such a force may not want to undergo the necessary character-building and metaphysical disciplines that would eventually give them what they seek and consequently, progress spiritually. For they presume that what they need already exists in them with the presence of the implant. However, it should be noted that the power derived from an artificial source is ephemeral and the total reliance upon it directs us away from the spiritual path. It makes one self-complacent and slothful. We should acquire the qualities or conditions that we seek through personal effort. Implants, talismans, and such are simply aids to help one–they are not to be totally relied upon. Their use should be rightly understood if they are to be of true worth to us. Please note here that we are not disapproving the practice of making or bearing talismans or acquiring magickal powers–in fact we present such things on our site. Our intent is to explain the right attitude to be adopted.

The Dark forces wish humanity to stagnate in its soul progression. It will not have humanity improve its spiritual status. Thus anything that stalls evolution or hinders man from treading the Spiritual Path is the work of the Fallen Ones. Psychic wares can degenerate into instruments of the Dark forces. Those who are inclined to experiment with the wares of paranormals should do so with the right understanding and perspective.

Pseudo-psychics have their confederates. Request personal prophetic word They often have their minions search for gullible persons whom they may influence and manipulate. By persuasive speech henchmen of pseudo-psychics convince their prey how powerful and wise a certain paranormal (their boss) is. Various tricks are used. Information concerning a certain potential client may be acquired before hand and then conveyed to the “psychic.” When the client visits the psychic, he is astonished that the so-called seer knows everything about him.

Sleight-of-hand, hidden gizmos, and gadgets are often used in the “healing” of a patient/client of a psychic malady, or to prove the existence of the psychic’s innate powers. Since the belief in transferred, malicious etheric implants (“santet” in Indonesian) are taken for granted among the lower class, tricks and deceptions are frequently resorted to in order to convince the patient that an object had been taken out from the patient’s body; and this is supposed to be the cause of an illness. Often a healing may well take place using such quackery since a large percentage of cases of illnesses have a psychosomatic origin or are caused by abnormal thoughts and feelings, and these respond to the shaman working within the patient’s belief frame-work. Such healings are based upon the principle of suggestion.

Psychic healers may boast that a patient of theirs may have been to every kind of healer, undergone every form of therapeutics, and yet no healing took place until the individual came to them to be “healed.” Not only is their boast self-promotional in nature but their belief is a fallacy. Firstly, healing is a process conducted by Nature–no single individual does the healing. A person may have been to one doctor or healer after another without being apparently cured; however, the healing process may already have begun without the person’s knowledge and awareness. Thus, at a certain point of the healing process the person finds himself completely cured and he ignorantly attributes this to the last healer that attempted to cure him. And this “healer” arrogantly considers the healing to be the result of his or her own personal powers and prowess. Secondly, a person is not curable unless he subconsciously and consciously wants to be cured–when he is psychologically ready to release the malady. When this is released through self-determination and faith he finds himself cured, and this often occurs no matter to what healer he goes to or the form of therapy that he undergoes at that time. Thirdly, some illnesses are karmic in nature, and only when the karmic lesson is learnt or the karmic force spent and compensated will the inharmonious bodily or psychological condition disappear. Again, this may occur spontaneously at a time when the person visits a healer and without the healer actually having anything directly to do with the healing process, nor ever having acted as a catalyst of bodily harmony.

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