Create a Family Cookbook For Your Next Fundraiser

Fundraising and food. They go together like…well…to employ an overused analogy; they go together like soup and sandwich. Selling food is a time consuming proposition, though. Unless you have someone going door-to-door, or working a booth somewhere, it is very hard to expose the public to your products. There is a quality alternative.


Yes. Cookbooks. The advantage that personalized recipe books have is the fact that everyone eats. Additionally, everyone cooks to some degree or another. Unless you are one of those folks that eat soup right out of the can without adding water or heating it up, you probably cook. When I was in college I ate that way. Cold hot dogs, thawed out frozen pizzas, bags of chips. It’s a wonder I didn’t succumb to scurvy or some other disease due to poor diet. But I digress. Cookbooks do not require refrigeration or any special preparation like an edible food product does. The cookbook publisher “cooks” it for you, and once they are done…that’s it. You simply offer them to the public and rake in the dough. (Dough…food…recipes…get it?)

Creating A Family Cookbook For Your Organization

The key to a successful fund raising cookbook is of course, recipes. I’m sure that everyone you know can provide at least one simple recipe. Other folks may in10sityfitnessunited be a virtual treasure trove of wonderful dishes to prepare. Regardless, if you gather enough recipes from the members of your organization, you’ll be able to create a cookbook that will easily generate funds for you.


As with any book, the cover is important. Your cookbook committee will need come up with a short, descriptive title as well as a unique design. Much like food, a book’s attractiveness is enhanced by its appearance. If you were served a plate of dull, gray spaghetti, would you want to eat it? Probably not. If you saw a plain ol’ cookbook with no picture or graphics on the cover, would you be interested in the contents? Again, probably not. Books are often judged by their covers. Make yours interesting.

The Rest Of The Story

After you have designed the cover and gathered the proper number of quality recipes, there are still more decisions to make. Recipe format, ink color, dividers, and paper stock are important ingredients for a successful fundraising cookbook. A good cookbook publisher will be able to give you advice and guidance to create a quality product.

Too Many Cookbooks Out There Already?

Two words: No way. You’ll be able to sell your fundraising cookbooks. First, people will purchase it simply because it is a fundraiser. They may not “need” another cookbook, but they will buy one anyway because it is unique. It is made up of recipes from the best cooks in your organization. There isn’t another one like it anywhere.

Contact a reputable cookbook publisher and start raising money for your group or organization.

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