Water Dog – A Bit About This Breed

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. I must say they are right. I have practically grown up amidst dogs since my family owns a pet store. From my childhood to adulthood, my then puppy and now dog, Tim, has been a source of constant comfort for me. I can say it proudly that I know quite a lot about dogs. I know more about them then is required. Maybe, because of that, dogs are my second family. Snuffle Bowl

There are a variety of breeds. And every breed is unique in its own aspect. When you go out to buy a puppy, you’ll have a hard time picking out the dog you want because you’ll find yourself loving almost a dozen dogs in the stop. I have spent a lot of my time with various breeds in my family’s dog shop. Yet I am the most comfortable with the Portuguese Water dog. This is the prime reason why my pet, Tim, is a Portuguese Water dog.

Portuguese Water dogs are also known as ‘Cao de Aqua’ in the native Portugal language which mean ‘dog of water’. These dogs differ from other breeds in the aspect that they are known for their unique strength and water swimming abilities. This is why fishermen prefer these breed when they go out to sea. Since they have exceptional swimming and diving characteristics, these dogs guard ports and are used to retrieve broken nets and other stuff from the seas. They also run various errands, the most popular one, acting as couriers from ships to other ships or to the shore.

If you are an athletic person like me, out of all the breeds the Portuguese Water dog is for you. This is because they require a lot of exercise and you can easily let them accompany you for long walks. They are also very intelligent and thus are quick to respond so you can train them easily. In the recent years, you will find it easier to get a Portuguese Water dog as compared to the olden days. Even if you can’t find them in the dog stores, you can easily order them online. These dogs are for sale online as well. You can even buy these puppies for sale as well.

Many agencies are selling dogs in online sales in order to sell various dogs at low prices simultaneously in order to make more profits. Dogs and puppies are both for sales on such websites. Most buyers prefer buying puppies since they are easy to train. However, with the Portuguese Water dog, you can buy the adult dog since they are quite intelligent and respond well to training even when they have matured.


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