Metropolitan Police Retirement: Looking To Start An Online Business

So, you are coming to the end of your police career in the Metropolitan Police and you are looking forward to your retirement. You are also considering or would like to start your own business on the internet, but you do not know where to start. Who do you speak to? Where do you go?

This is a question that comes up all of the time and it is difficult to know where to start your research. There does not appear to be any obvious choices out there in the big bad world, where you can get all of your questions answered. But hang on you say, I have dealt with some difficult people and taken on some huge and dangerous tasks during my time in the police service, why am I so in the dark now? HULT PRIVATE CAPITAL Why do I feel a little inadequate? Good questions and I can best answer those questions in this way.

Remember your first day at the Metropolitan Police College at Hendon, because I do. I was fortunate because I had been a police cadet for over two years, so I had some idea of what I was letting myself in for, but what about you. I suspect that you were a bit nervous because you were dealing with something extremely new and you may well have been out of your comfort zone.

Well starting your own online business can be a bit like that, daunting. I served nearly 33 years in the Metropolitan police in East London, both in uniform and the Criminal Investigation Department, but nothing could have prepared me for the sharp learning curve ahead I would face in the coming years.

So here are some suggestions to think about before you retire from the Metropolitan Police and beyond into the uncertain future, so that you can prepare properly to enter this new phase of your life.

1. Protect Your Assets

Because you have a large amount of cash available to spend, you have to realise that you have probably never had access to a hundred grand before, so protect it or it will disappear, believe me. Think very carefully before you plunge headlong into any business investment, do your homework and research first.

2. Find A Mentor

Speak to other Police officers who have already retired and ask them plenty of good quality questions about what they did successfully or unsuccessfully.There are many other ex-police officers who can advise you, but find ones who are totally positive in their outlook and knowledgeable.

3. Involve Your Spouse Or Significant Other

Any decisions you make should be made with your partner, or if you are single, possibly a relative or sensible person. The reason is so that you have someone to bounce ideas between the two of you.

4. Great Research Is The Key

There is absolutely no rush to plunge into the world of business, take your time and do your due diligence or research before spending a penny on business. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered, before you part company with your hard-earned money.

5. Relax Your Way To Success

It is important to realise that you are entering a phase of your life that may be a completely different way of living. You must remain active and not let your life slide or drift away. remember you have probably been working long hours, so do not go from a lot to a little. In other words stay active and do plenty of things.

It is all about lifestyle now and I do not mean spending all of your time in the pub. Now is the time to either continue or start to take care of yourself physically.

Make sure you are taking care of the necessary steps you need to remain healthy and well, such as, drinking sufficient water, eating a nutritious and balanced diet, getting sufficient sleep, regular exercise and also plenty of relaxation and fun.

I personally found all of these areas mentioned in the last paragraph were things I had to work on, as I had been used to spending copious amounts of time at work and at the same time neglecting all the actions I should have been implementing on a daily basis.

In Conclusion

It is all about choices and living a balanced life. Of course there is time to do the things you have put off, but when you have spent your life in the police service, you forget sometimes that there is a completely new life that awaits you.

Please remember there are many people out there who are genuine and can assist you to make the right decisions for you, but chose your advisors wisely my friend. It is very easy to part company with your treasures at this stage in your life. I hope your Metropolitan Police Retirement is a part of your life that is very rewarding for you and your family.

Paul Bursey is a very successful network marketer, internet marketer and publisher. He is committed to assisting people succeed in online businesses. He is passionate about sports, health and nutrition. He is a family man with three children, seven grandchildren and a former detective with the Metropolitan Police Service in London, UK.


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