5 Critical Dollar Store Business Assistant Store Manager Duties

If you own and operate a dollar store business you likely have big plans for the future. Those plans might include growing the size of your existing store, or even adding additional locations. One of the most important steps to take in preparation for the growth of your business is hiring and grooming the management team you will depend on to continue the success of your stores. One of the key players in all of this will be the assistant store managers. They truly are your future. In this article I present 5 critical dollar store business assistant manager duties.

1) Your assistant store managers must learn and then become a role model of your dollar store business values and expectations. Just as you and your store managers must continually role model the core values and expectations of the organization, so must your assistant store managers. As a member of the management team, employees, customers, vendors and all others who come into contact with your business will look to the assistant store managers to answer their questions and to determine how you run your organization.

2) Assistant store managers must be leaders within the organization. No matter what the position, every manager must step up to become a leader within your store. Employees, customers and others will all be looking to assistant manager for the answers to questions, how to do things, and what the proper procedures are in varied situations. Make sure your assistant store managers are groomed to provide the leadership in exactly the right way that others expect.

3) Provide training for all operational tasks. Assistant store managers must be experts at all of the tasks associated with the operation of your dollar store business. Invest in training them well. Add training of others to the tasks and expectations of your assistant store managers once they are ready to step out and take charge.

4) Capably furnish store manager coverage during absences. One of the most critical roles for every assistant store manager is providing competent, high quality coverage whenever the store manager is offsite. Charter the store manager with making this happen. It will require training, coaching and hands-on experience. With work, your assistant managers will be able to temporarily step in and handle store manager duties whenever requested.

5) Be totally trained and experienced – ready to assume store manager positions as expansion occurs. This is truly the purpose of everything you do with your assistant managers. Don’t leave it up to existing store managers to complete all the required training. Get involved yourself to mold the perfect next generation of store managers for your growing dollar store business.

To your dollar store business success!


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